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Aura Shining Green:
East of the Sun & West of the Moon

6-panel digipack 2CD    15,00€ 




Voimasanat & Aurinkosanat

7", foilprints, lim.100x    14,00€ 

The solo project of :AA: primus motor will dwell somewhere in fields and caverns of industrial, synth ambient, ethereal neofolk and old-school neoclassical. The first release of this project is a 7" vinyl strictly limited to 100 hand numbered copies only. Presented with lavish gold-foil graphs. The release includes two murky and lenghty (7min/5min) synth-heavy neofolk tunes sung in Finnish.


Comitatus Savolaxiæ

6-panel digipack-CD  12,00€

The first full-length presents murky (dungeon?) synth ambient mixed with hints of martial industrial and notable amounts of old-school neoclassical. It's dedicated to and inspired by the historical lands, culture, people, traditions and woods of the ancestral homeland of Savonia.


Tutkielma magnetismista, kivusta ja valtiosta

6-panel digipack-CD  12,00€ 

Tutkielma magnetismista, kivusta ja valtiosta" deals with with esoteric and Finnish historical themes; WWI & WWII related happenings, the struggle for independence and freedom from Soviet Union / Russia, and more personal level battles - the war trauma and poverty caused by the Chaos that not also surrounded Finland and all world, but also was stirring and causing unrest deep inside the veins of the nation of Finland. 
These dreamlike glimpses and visions of the times about 100 years ago can easily find their corresponding counterparts of the today's world. As we all know - "Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it". But for the people with more esoteric world see that all the historical tales and their protagonists and antagonists also play a role in a different kind of plays, a whirlpools of energy currents, channeling and magick. The leaders of the Nations have secretly seeked help and guidance from divination and other forms of esoteric wisdom during all ages. Still, almost all of these methods are considered to be nonsense by modern standards... The album is musically ranging somewhere from industrial ambient to martial industrial, electro-ambient and neo-classical. Several texts from the former Finnish great men (Kallio, Jylhä, Kramsu, Mannerheim) has been sampled or borrowed to use as lyrics. Released 4.4. on the day of Ukko


Birch Skeletons, Skin Lanterns & Lake of Stars  
6-panel digipack-CD  12,00€

The collected demos of Key are released in digipack-CD format. The design honors the original black & white aesthetics of the demos, and seals the pack with small & stylish silver foilprint on the front cover. Music on the demos is even more unpolished than on the two full-lengths "Crown of Winter" and "Silver Moon Slumber". The sense of improvisation and pure feeling over technical aspects is strongly present over all the songs. Most of the songs were not rehearsed, only recorded in a whim and led by emotion and visions. This is post-punkish neofolk for the people who are tired of polished plastic sound present in so many releases these days. These are fairytales from candle-lit cellars and misty forests made by (and for) the people who long for the childlike emotion of the old tales, storytelling by the candlelight, and the longing for world of wonders and joy. 


Uusi panssaroitu Suomi      
LP, gatefold  26,00€                   

The third album of this vital act "Uusi panssaroitu Suomi" (The new armored Finland) draws another full chapter in Finnish folk & neofolk with vigorous blood. Expect more varied instrumentation and approach, with the usual fingerprint of Finnish spirit. Eerie synths and robust percussions are brought to accompany the well known style of mournful vocals and masterful guitarwork. The album seeps the war trauma of the artists' family as well as very cruel and sometimes even humorous introspection. Never hiding or shunning away from difficult or dangerous topics he also digs deep in the national spirit of Finland, with all it's ugly scars, smiling faces, shattered bones and beautiful sunsets. This is a true milestone on the path of re-awakening of the golden age of Finnish spirit, Finnish art and Finnish man.


CD, 12 page booklet  12,00€ 

The almost amorphous debut album of Tervahäät lays a cornerstone to the formation of this singular band. Almost formless and freezing like a blizzard which is carrying the woes of the ancestors of the native Finland, this album presents a wintry nordic landscape with of rebirth ancient rituals, and testimonies of the cruelty of Finnish nature.


6-panel digipack-CD  12,00€

With Patria Tervahäät takes a leap towards traditional neofolk. Somber songs are based on warm vocals, determined acoustic guitarwork, and samples of Finnish classical composers. About half of the lyrics of the songs are borrowed from Finnish poets and writers who also loved our homeland each in their own specific ways. Patria is a concept album of our fatherland Finland seen through the eyes of Tervahäät.


6-panel digipack-CD  12,00€ 

Taival continues on the paths and narrow roads through Finnish forests to further explore the rustic and mystical sounds and visions of Tervahäät. Seven tracks of ritualistic folk & neofolk are inspired by rural surroundings, spiritual unity, and a sincere interest in the native land and its entities — trees, animals, and the spirit of the ancestors. The fourth album of Tervahäät brings also some surprisingly warm winds from the icy north-west, but the warmth also carries a slight smell of decaying bones and suspicioulsy friendly whispers from old ghosts.

6-panel digipack-CD  12,00€

The newest Tervahäät album reeks of swamps, ghosts and murky soil. This could be the most bizarre Tervahäät album so far. Never had they dwelled so knee-deep in bogs of delirium and undead. Singular rhytmical and melodical presence interwines to improvisation and sheer madness. Crude home-made instruments and rough-hewn electric manipulation join the more common instruments to invoke ghastly sounds straight from the mists of the graves, deep forests and swamps. Noitanaama staggers around the borders of folk and industrial never really setting its dirty foot on any genre. This is on the well known gloomy side of Tervahäät except even more dark, eerie and wrapped in scent of corpses and lunacy... but never, never ever without the small but bright glimpses of light and hope.


Elon syvä lempi  
CD, 4 page booklet  12,00€ 

Virta is the channel of the musical ambitions of Santtu Forsström hailing from Kristiinankaupunki - alluring small town located at the beautiful West Coast of Finland. This nature-praising and original music draws its influences from folk and progressive folk-rock, and the music of five tracks of this fourty-minute album is woven together with drums, percussions, lively bass, acoustic guitars and woodwind instruments. Skillful instrumentation and the progressive elements and song structures create an atmosphere that is at the same time sophisticated and primitively vigorous. "Elon syvä lempi" is rich in nuances, and full of feeling of longing and ethereal calmness. Combined with the ever-present feeling of the element of unpredictability the album truly bears resemblances to the streams and rivers of the North.






digipack-CD  12,00€

"Majestic, massive noble and deep ambient space musick. Otavan Veret is another new addition to the Cyclic Law family. Hailing from mystical Finland, the project is from the minds of Kaarna (Tervahäät, Slave's Mask, Anima Arctica Label etc..) & Kivelä. Their first self titled album is a conceptual journey towards the the vastness of the universe, where one would simply seep into and become on with these amorphous territories. A calm, epic, massive and monotonously rich curtain of ritualistic sonorities escalates as radiant timbres morphs like an aurora borealis amongst stellar luster. Ever present is the uttermost distance, deep as lethargy, soothing as still waters and affective as phantoms." (CYCLIC LAW)


OTAVAN VERET: II - SYVYS    temp out of stock
digipack-CD  12,00€

"Syvys” is the second demonstration of how Finland’s OTAVAN VERET decipher the pulse of the great cosmic filaments. The radiation from the distant otherness takes audible form in four pieces of ethereal, pulsating atmospherics, where the multitude of transmissions is implemented via a curious amalgam of electronic and acoustic sources operated by Kaarna & XVL. As a result "Syvys” reflects the many phases of a stellar journey in a dreamlike state, encountering both enchantment and anxiousness. (CYCLIC LAW)
Edition of 300 copies in 6 panel Digipak. 4 Tracks. Running Time 49:54


SLAVE'S MASK: Faustian Electronics & Bruise Poetry 
digipack-CD  11,00€

Industrial/EBM/avant-pop by sg.7 (Horna, Turmion Kätilöt, Baptism...) & Kaarna (Tervahäät, Otavan Veret, Key...). (AHDISTUKSEN AIHIO)
sample song


SLAVE'S MASK: Soak Kaos  
digipack-CD  11,00€

Industrial/trip-hop/avant-pop by sg.7 (Horna, Turmion Kätilöt, Baptism...) & Kaarna (Tervahäät, Otavan Veret, Key...). (OSASTO-A)
sample song






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All discography available for listening, possibility to buy digital albums.    L I N K




digital sales at Bandcamp

The album available for listening, possibility to buy digital albums.    L I N K



digital sales at Bandcamp

All discography available for listening, possibility to buy digital albums.   L I N K







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