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:  A N I M A   A R C T I C A  :






Aura Shining Green:
East of the Sun & West of the Moon

6-panel digipack 2CD  15,00€ 

Released on the name day of Joonatan, the massive retrospective compilation double-CD of Joonatan Elokuu's wandering psychedelic folk group Aura Shining Green sees the light of day and the bright moonlit night. The first part "East of the Sun" carries the soft fragrance of flowers and the sunlit forests, reminding us perhaps of the works of B'ee (In Gowan Ring & Birch Book), Nick Drake and even early tunes Leonard Cohen. Second part "West of the Moon" takes us through the mysterious moonlit nights filled with wonder & magic. Bearing the ever present strong psychedelic folk aura and possibly some hints the artists mentioned earlier, these stories are murkier and full of feeling and intimacy. One might even hear some reminiscences of works of Timothy Renner (Stone Breath, Crown Tongue...) or even legendary Coil or Tangerine Dream in more ambient parts and synthesizer works.  


Comitatus Savolaxiæ

6-panel foilprinted digipack-CD  12,50€

The first full-length presents murky (dungeon?) synth ambient mixed with hints of martial industrial and notable amounts of old-school neoclassical. It's dedicated to and inspired by the historical lands, culture, people, traditions and woods of the ancestral homeland of Savonia.


Tutkielma magnetismista, kivusta ja valtiosta

6-panel foilprinted digipack-CD  12,50€ 

Tutkielma magnetismista, kivusta ja valtiosta" deals with with esoteric and Finnish historical themes; WWI & WWII related happenings, the struggle for independence and freedom from Soviet Union / Russia, and more personal level battles - the war trauma and poverty caused by the Chaos that not also surrounded Finland and all world, but also was stirring and causing unrest deep inside the veins of the nation of Finland. 
These dreamlike glimpses and visions of the times about 100 years ago can easily find their corresponding counterparts of the today's world. As we all know - "Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it". But for the people with more esoteric world see that all the historical tales and their protagonists and antagonists also play a role in a different kind of plays, a whirlpools of energy currents, channeling and magick. The leaders of the Nations have secretly seeked help and guidance from divination and other forms of esoteric wisdom during all ages. Still, almost all of these methods are considered to be nonsense by modern standards... The album is musically ranging somewhere from industrial ambient to martial industrial, electro-ambient and neo-classical. Several texts from the former Finnish great men (Kallio, Jylhä, Kramsu, Mannerheim) has been sampled or borrowed to use as lyrics. Released 4.4. on the day of Ukko


Väkipyssyvärssyjä ja Kulkutautitarinoita

6-panel digipack-CD  12,50€ 

These martial industrial styled blunderbuss-stories and plague-tales draw their inpiration on old ugly brothers Pestilence and War. Wherever you spot another, you can be sure the another one is not far away. The stories and songs on this album draw inspiration on soldiers blood-lust while marching towards the battle and pillage with heavy steps, the merciless plagues that keep pestering the world and all the innocent men in the wet dungeons with their itching shackles. With this one, it was impossible to hide the artitsts absolute admiration of legendary old school bands like The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud, older works of Der Blutharsch, Blood Axis, magickal Roman Ain Soph and legendary esoteric industrial loop master NON. So, expect old school martial industrial with deranged loops and vocals, broad-shouldered martial rhythms melted together with atmospheres woven with carefully selected analogue and 90's synths and broad assortment of actual organic instruments.


Kultataivaat, hopeaveet, unet helmiäistä

4-panel foilprited digipack-CD  12,50€ 

This ethereal industrial album deals with the classic concepts of dreamland and death as different counties of the same realm and a sources of inspiration and relief of the pains and struggles of the material world. It also touches on Finnish mythological stories, dreamlike visions of creating and shaping the world. Musically somewhere between "ethereal" with the synth washes and vocals and "ambient-industrial" styles, with slight touches with traditional instruments like percussions, piano, glockenspiel, kantele and tenor recorder. There's traces of some very inspirational and legendary bands that can most likely be heard. Like dazy dreaminess and hypnotic discrepancy between the repetitiviness and chaotic improvisation of Coil, calm mythological old world wisdom of Dead Can Dance, and some splinters of the majestic psychedelia ï»¿of Popol Vuh to mention the most important ones.


Birch Skeletons, Skin Lanterns & Lake of Stars  
6-panel digipack-CD  12,50€

The collected demos of Key are released in digipack-CD format. The design honors the original black & white aesthetics of the demos, and seals the pack with small & stylish silver foilprint on the front cover. Music on the demos is even more unpolished than on the two full-lengths "Crown of Winter" and "Silver Moon Slumber". The sense of improvisation and pure feeling over technical aspects is strongly present over all the songs. Most of the songs were not rehearsed, only recorded in a whim and led by emotion and visions. This is post-punkish neofolk for the people who are tired of polished plastic sound present in so many releases these days. These are fairytales from candle-lit cellars and misty forests made by (and for) the people who long for the childlike emotion of the old tales, storytelling by the candlelight, and the longing for world of wonders and joy. 


Saavun vaikken kulkisi

CD, 6-panel foilprinted digipack 12,50€               

Traditional to the bone, but still clearly finding it’s own sound despite the classic  ”man+guitar” approach, Pyhä Kuolema debut album ”Saavun vaikken kulkisi” brings forth a dozen of atmospheric, national romantic, extremely emotional and intimate songs sung in Finnish. The style of playing and singing varies from solemn ritualistic neofolk-songs to troubadur-like playful approach to traditional folk music. Mikko Ilmari "Riimu" Pöyhönen composed, sung, played, recorded and mixed the whole album by himself, giving it the intimate touch and thus manages the handling of the double edged sword that this kind of folk can be – the  sometimes even rough and stripped down output with no gimmicks is this time succesfully shaking hands with the alluring soft intensity.


Uusi panssaroitu Suomi      

CD, 6-panel foilprinted digipack 12,50€               

The third album of this vital act "Uusi panssaroitu Suomi" (The new armored Finland) draws another full chapter in Finnish folk & neofolk with vigorous blood. Expect more varied instrumentation and approach, with the usual fingerprint of Finnish spirit. Eerie synths and robust percussions are brought to accompany the well known style of mournful vocals and masterful guitarwork. The album seeps the war trauma of the artists' family as well as very cruel and sometimes even humorous introspection. Never hiding or shunning away from difficult or dangerous topics he also digs deep in the national spirit of Finland, with all it's ugly scars, smiling faces, shattered bones and beautiful sunsets. This is a true milestone on the path of re-awakening of the golden age of Finnish spirit, Finnish art and Finnish man.


CD, 12 page booklet  12,50€ 

The almost amorphous debut album of Tervahäät lays a cornerstone to the formation of this singular band. Almost formless and freezing like a blizzard which is carrying the woes of the ancestors of the native Finland, this album presents a wintry nordic landscape with of rebirth ancient rituals, and testimonies of the cruelty of Finnish nature.


6-panel digipack-CD  12,50€

With Patria Tervahäät takes a leap towards traditional neofolk. Somber songs are based on warm vocals, determined acoustic guitarwork, and samples of Finnish classical composers. About half of the lyrics of the songs are borrowed from Finnish poets and writers who also loved our homeland each in their own specific ways. Patria is a concept album of our fatherland Finland seen through the eyes of Tervahäät.


6-panel digipack-CD  12,50€ 

Taival continues on the paths and narrow roads through Finnish forests to further explore the rustic and mystical sounds and visions of Tervahäät. Seven tracks of ritualistic folk & neofolk are inspired by rural surroundings, spiritual unity, and a sincere interest in the native land and its entities — trees, animals, and the spirit of the ancestors. The fourth album of Tervahäät brings also some surprisingly warm winds from the icy north-west, but the warmth also carries a slight smell of decaying bones and suspiciously friendly whispers from old ghosts.

6-panel digipack-CD  12,50€

The newest Tervahäät album reeks of swamps, ghosts and murky soil. This could be the most bizarre Tervahäät album so far. Never had they dwelled so knee-deep in bogs of delirium and undead. Singular rhytmical and melodical presence interwines to improvisation and sheer madness. Crude home-made instruments and rough-hewn electric manipulation join the more common instruments to invoke ghastly sounds straight from the mists of the graves, deep forests and swamps. Noitanaama staggers around the borders of folk and industrial never really setting its dirty foot on any genre. This is on the well known gloomy side of Tervahäät except even more dark, eerie and wrapped in scent of corpses and lunacy... but never, never ever without the small but bright glimpses of light and hope.


8-panel digipack-CD  12,50€

"VIRTUS" is the second part of the "Neofolk Finland" trilogy that "PATRIA" started in 2012. This time, after the gloomy and bog-stenched "NOITANAAMA", TERVAHÄÄT takes a leap towards more traditional neofolk... but quickly sidesteps to krautish industrial psychedelia and takes a cover in the trenches of futurism or even visions of 100 years old modernism. So, "VIRTUS" is a "neofolk album" and it is not. :AA: has always been reluctant to namedrop, but in this case it has to be done: To add a suitable finishing touch to this opus the mastering work was made by the master masterer of all masterers, the archmagus of sound, Dennis Blackham of Skye Mastering. If you want to see what an "impressive CV" looks like, go find his website. The album has been in the works on-off for a decade now and some parts are originally composed already in 2010 in the same session as "PATRIA"... Anyway, expect this weird one approaching with a coctail flavoured with gunpowder and diesel oil, electrocuted to add a twist... something you haven't heard before. It's the sound of crude machines bowing to sophisticated minds and crude minds bowing to sophisticated machines. The muted explosion, the slow crumbling of the marble statues under time and pollution, the warm feeling of a flash grenade on the face of an blind man, an auditive representation of a comparison of a cut from a surgical steel knife to a cut from a rusty bayonette under a microscope or a kaleidoscope.


Elon syvä lempi  
CD, 4 page booklet  12,50€ 

Virta is the channel of the musical ambitions of Santtu Forsström hailing from Kristiinankaupunki - alluring small town located at the beautiful West Coast of Finland. This nature-praising and original music draws its influences from folk and progressive folk-rock, and the music of five tracks of this fourty-minute album is woven together with drums, percussions, lively bass, acoustic guitars and woodwind instruments. Skillful instrumentation and the progressive elements and song structures create an atmosphere that is at the same time sophisticated and primitively vigorous. "Elon syvä lempi" is rich in nuances, and full of feeling of longing and ethereal calmness. Combined with the ever-present feeling of the element of unpredictability the album truly bears resemblances to the streams and rivers of the North.








KEY:  Birch Skeletons, Skin Lanterns & Lake of Stars
3 x 10" box set  30,00€
Extra copy of foil-printed box set found from the archives. New, unplayed. Box set includes three different color ten-inch vinyls with unique sleeves. Released by Handmade Birds, USA. Limited to 250x.



KEY:  Birch Skeletons, Skin Lanterns & Lake of Stars
3 x CAS birchwood box set  33,00€

Extra copy of this original version of the Key first recordings found from the archives. New, unplayed. Beautiful handmade birchwood box set with three cassettes and an insert. Limited to 100x. Released by Cocainacopia, USA.


OTAVAN VERET   temp out of stock
digipack-CD  12,50€

"Majestic, massive noble and deep ambient space musick. Otavan Veret is another new addition to the Cyclic Law family. Hailing from mystical Finland, the project is from the minds of Kaarna (Tervahäät, Slave's Mask, Anima Arctica Label etc..) & Kivelä. Their first self titled album is a conceptual journey towards the the vastness of the universe, where one would simply seep into and become on with these amorphous territories. A calm, epic, massive and monotonously rich curtain of ritualistic sonorities escalates as radiant timbres morphs like an aurora borealis amongst stellar luster. Ever present is the uttermost distance, deep as lethargy, soothing as still waters and affective as phantoms." (CYCLIC LAW)


OTAVAN VERET: II - SYVYS    temp out of stock
digipack-CD  12,00€

"Syvys” is the second demonstration of how Finland’s OTAVAN VERET decipher the pulse of the great cosmic filaments. The radiation from the distant otherness takes audible form in four pieces of ethereal, pulsating atmospherics, where the multitude of transmissions is implemented via a curious amalgam of electronic and acoustic sources operated by Kaarna & XVL. As a result "Syvys” reflects the many phases of a stellar journey in a dreamlike state, encountering both enchantment and anxiousness. (CYCLIC LAW)
Edition of 300 copies in 6 panel Digipak. 4 Tracks. Running Time 49:54


SLAVE'S MASK: Faustian Electronics & Bruise Poetry 
digipack-CD  12,50€

Industrial/EBM/avant-pop by sg.7 (Horna, Turmion Kätilöt, Baptism...) & Kaarna (Tervahäät, Otavan Veret, Key...). (AHDISTUKSEN AIHIO)
sample song


SLAVE'S MASK: Soak Kaos  
digipack-CD  12,50€

Industrial/trip-hop/avant-pop by sg.7 (Horna, Turmion Kätilöt, Baptism...) & Kaarna (Tervahäät, Otavan Veret, Key...). (OSASTO-A)
sample song



: D I S T R I B U T I O N :

selected titles from different labels


:Of the Wand and the Moon: - Your love can't hold this wreath of sorrow  CD 15,00€
- "The 10 new songs are a highly atmospheric, melancholic and twilightridden output, that this time clearly shows mainman Kim Larsen’s inspirations from 60-70’s singer/songwriters such as Lee Hazlewood, Leonard Cohen and Serge Gainsbourg, as well as movie soundtracks from the same period. But most importantly – developing the sound from former album “The Lone Descent” (2011). On the other hand, it still maintains some of the dark neo-folk roots of the band - but is still a huge step musically into brand new directions as well."
!NEW ALBUM!  :AA: recommends!

:Of the Wand and the Moon: - Sonnenheim  CD  15,00€
- A modern neofolk classic of utmost quality! 
: A A :  r e c o m m e n d s !

:Of the Wand and the Moon: - Bridges burned and hands of time  CD  15,00€
- "Rare tracks collected in a fine silver printed package and comes with an 12 page booklet. 20 years of twilight tears! This is a collection of limited and now deleted 7inch releases, tributes to abscent comrades, collaborations and alternative versions from 2 decades. Descend into the abyss of lost love and let go. But remember…! The tears are free!"

:Of the Wand and the Moon: - Tainted tears  12"  21,50€
- "Tainted tears have crytalized into form. Into twilight song. For a twilight season. This 12" single presents 2 sombre acoustic versions of songs from "Your love can't hold this wreath of sorrow". Conjuring soundscapes from the bottomless pit of the bog of sacrifice. Little did we know that the sounds of bats would have made such significance."  

:Of the Wand and the Moon: - Tunes for a twilight tears for a lifetime  CD  15,00€
- "Originally conjured for the Operation Equinox US tour 2016 and portrays a more intimate version and live feel of songs. First released by Brave Mysteries on cassette tape in the US and by Tesco Germany Distribution in the EU. The 2 versions of the tape featured different songs. On this vinyl release all songs from the tapes have been compiled, formerly released on black and bronze vinyl in 2017."  
:AA: recommends

:Of the Wand and the Moon: - Tunes for a twilight tears for a lifetime  LP  23,50€
- Black vinyl comes with very deluxe metalic printed cover and printed innersleeves.  
:AA: recommends

Blood Axis - Born Again  CD  12,00€
Blood Axis Born Again Storm Records (STRM-12) There will be at least one resurrection on Easter Sunday, 2010, when Blood Axis unveils its latest work, Born Again. The second full-length studio album in the group’s twenty-year history, Born Again signals startling developments and a radical maturation. Old vines have been cut back and carefully tended in order to bear strange new fruit. Over the course of the twelve tracks that comprise Born Again, Blood Axis explores an epic yet human universe in which gods are summoned, kingdoms rise, riddles are unlocked, love is lost, and worlds crumble. This is psychedelia in the literal sense: a “mind-manifesting” journey through the collective psyche of its creators. Born Again weaves a web of potent pleasures. Whereas the earliest Blood Axis music was marked by keyboards and samples, Blood Axis in 2010 is stripped down to an essential core of natural instrumentation, but with force and bombast fully intact. The sonic ingredients on Born Again include electric and acoustic strings (guitar, violin, bass, bouzouki, banjo), melodeon, piano, highland bagpipes and Galician gaita, marching percussion, the mysterious Annabel-a-tron, and Bobby BeauSoleil’s growling, prison-vintage guitar eruptions circa 1976. Underpinning the album and propelling much of the music is the traditional Irish drum the bodhrán, recorded here with unprecedented power. Moynihan’s ominous voice is well matched by Annabel Lee’s elfin intonations, just as her violin finds a perfect counterpoint in Robert Ferbrache’s protean guitar parts. A selective cabal of guest musicians from Europe and the USA add tasteful embellishments to these deceptively simple arrangements. Shot through by myth and romance, the expressive lyrics on Born Again have their roots in ancient and modern poetry, archaic invocations, and tragic laments. Alongside modern English and German, songs are sung in medieval 10th-century Old English and 13th-century Middle High German. The end result is both unclassifiable and unforgettable: neither folk nor rock, traditional nor avant-garde, modern nor archaic. It is simply Blood Axis. Born Again was recorded over a span of many years in remote locations ranging from rural Vermont to the catacombs of Absinthe Studios in Denver, Colorado. Engineered and produced by founding Blood Axis member Ferbrache, the dense sonic tapestry of Born Again is simultaneously raw and refined, synergistically more than the sum of its primal parts. Packaged in a beautiful gatefold cover, Born Again includes a 24-page booklet with complete lyrics and translations, striking portraits of the band members, and solemn photographic images from France, Germany, Austria, Portugal, and the USA. To everything there is season. For those who are cursed, a time to die and to be forgotten. And for the blessed, a time to be born again: to live on, beyond death, in the minds of men. Now is the time for Blood Axis to be Born Again.
: A A :  r e c o m m e n d s !

Control - The Abattoir  CD  10,00€
- "The Abattoir" is Control's stunning rarity that covers 2003 - 2006 period and features the following must-have and sought-after EPs: 'Affliction', 'The Pleasures of Rape', and 'No Surrender', alongside v/a tracks from 'Break your Face' and 'Alliance - United in Death' compilations. Recorded and mastered at Misanthrope Studio more than 15 years ago the selected monoliths bring back intense memories of the project's history and solidify its unique place in the US power electronics scene."

Coil - A guide for beginners: The voice of Silver & A guide for finishers: A hair of gold  2CD  19,50€  
- Deluxe reissue of 2 x CD 'Best Of' by the esoteric experimental pioneers.  
: A A :   r e c o m m e n d s !

Coph Nia - The Tree of Life and Death  3-CD  18,50€
- "Recorded almost two decades ago this obscure compendium by Aldenon Satorial for years remained a secret now regained to enlighten the pilgrims’ progress. ‘A Collection of Dead Drones and Aborted Soundscapes’ as a subtitle for the album, sums up a gateway to the darker realms reflecting the inherent duality of being. From mortal sins to immortality the symbolic circle made of branches and roots encapsulates us to provide ancient esoteric vitality Coph Nia is famous for. Discover your Verus Pastor at the base of the tree where ‘Everything Is True’. A 3CD set (25 tracks / 225 minutes) in a 6-panel matte-laminated Digipak in edition of 250 copies."

Diex Des Cimetières - European Fire  CD  10,00€
- "'And it is this, that makes us European: that we want out stories to be told, passed on as tradition to coming generations, who in their time shall forget the lessons and re
peat the suffering.' For fans of PREDOMINANCE, TURBUND STURMWERK ... Limited edition of 100 copies. Comes as 6-panels matte laminated digipak, CD with pit-art."

Dieux Des Cimetières - Stormens Tids​å​lder  CD  10,00€
- "Inspired by the likes of Yukio Mishima, Oswald Spengler, Tom Of Finland and Friedrich Nietzsche, Dieux Des Cimetières’ Stormens tidsålder is an album of majestic, orchestral and at times even epic martial industrial exploring men in places and times of dissolution. Throbbing, droning synths, martial percussion, neoclassical orchestrations and neofolk elements weave images of trenches and ruins, marching armies and passionate lovers, and a world aflame in the conflagration of Kali Yuga."

Death In June - Black angel - Live!  CD  14,00€
- "Black Angel -Live! captures Death In June in one of their first stripped back shows as unannounced opener for Ikon at the Esplanade Hotel, Melbourne from 2000. Unlike the Live In New York DVD, Black Angel - Live! lacks Douglas P.'s asides and revealing insights, instead you'
re treated to a wonderful selection of tracks culled from Nada! to Take Care and Control. There's an excellent sound quality and a directness and vitality to the performance. Douglas P. is in fine form; his smooth tones laid down with perfect diction over a warm acoustic sound, while John Murphy's accompaniment is particularly powerful with rolling floor toms, alongside chimes, shakers and cymbal crashes."

Draugurinn: Isavetur  CD  12,00€
- "Visualize yourself, adrift in a world where an opaque veil of volcanic ash obscures the cold rays of the sun; allowing only a scant few to even graze the rock and soil of nature’s surface. Lost, you traverse the bleak landscape when you begin to hear a subtle drumming in the distance. Intrigued, you move towards the sound. The drumming, subtle at first but steadily growing, louder and louder; the beats of your heart already matching its rhythm… Ísavetur , the latest offering from Disa of DRAGURINN, is more of an experience than it is a musical album – it is the soundtrack of a shamanic ritual; one that will evoke a sensation of longing and despair in its audience, whilst simultaneously capturing its full attention. Draugurinn’s ritualistic dark ambient takes us down a path where few have trod; through the mist, into the nameless unknown."

Draugurinn: Minningar úr undirheimum  A5 digipack-CD  15,00€
- “Minningar úr undirheimum” (‘Memories from the Underworld’) is a harrowing musical journey carrying the listener through the fringes of dark ambient and ritualistic drone. The sixth album of Swedish-Icelandic artist and musician Draugurinn offers bewitchment and beauty in equal parts. Its three epic tracks undergo gradual build-ups working towards a ceremonial climax; intricate and layered, sophisticated minimalism saturated with both compositional and conceptual depth. Electronic darkness merges with analogue instruments and percussion, occasionally illuminated by spectral chants bringing to mind a Stone Age shaman channelling Dead Can Dance. “Minningar úr undirheimum” will be available as of May 13, 2022. As is the norm with a Draugurinn release, this is more than just an album – it is a holistic package meant to be experienced in unison. The full-colour A5 digipak booklet features an ambitious art collection courtesy of Draugurinn herself: stunning paintings influenced and informed by findings from Neolithic and Mesolithic burial sites across Scandinavia. When Draugurinn composed “Minningar úr undirheimum”, the original intention was to enact it as a live ritual on the vernal equinox of 2020 – at a combined art and music event commemorating the release of “Budet” by fellow Nordvis act Grift. However, due to restrictions in the wake of COVID-19, the gathering was cancelled. What is notable here is how all of Draugurinn’s public performances – of which there have been six since she started out in 2008 – are one of a kind. The music and accompanying aesthetics are specifically tailored for each event and then never reused. So, while the equinox celebration never materialised, the ritual lives on through “Minningar úr undirheimum”.

Draugurinn: Myrkaverk 12,00€
- Re-issue containing a bonus track and revised artwork. With the forces of fire and ice – darkness and light DRAUGURINN summons us to bear witness to her second creation “Myrkraverk”. It is a ritualistic work of art, derived from the ancient pulse of Icelandic traditions and lore, each song a sacrifice to the elements of nature and the powers that dwells therein. With drums and runes, melody and chants she explores something that lies hidden, a world or a state of mind we do not often get to travel to. ”Myrkraverk” possesses you with a hypnotic calm and leaves you with the question of what might be out there, within, underneath and above.

Equitant - The Circle of Agurak  CD + poster 10,00€
- "The first US dungeon synth recording back from 1993 by a great artist, Equitant, formerly a member of Absu. The album in fact features his former bandmates Prosc
riptor (flute) and Shaftiel (voice). A 10 track solo debut of a genuine occvlt tradition. Original demo tracks + unreleased tracks from 1993. Rarity. A limited CD edition in a 6-panel gloss-laminated Digipak. 300 copies."

Forndom - Flykt  mCD  9,00€
- "Imagine yourself by a campfire underneath the open sky, far away from the rattling of society. Nearby you notice a raven spreading its wings; croaking as it solemnly stares out across the surrounding landscape. As you turn you can hear a fox crying out in the distance, followed by what can be perceived as a drum beat derived from the earth itself. This is FLYKT, an escape from the world such as humanity has let it become - neglected and abused. With an enchanting splendor FLYKT takes us on a very down to earth yet intense musical journey, a ritual tribute to our Northern legacy and a time when people lived in harmony with nature and worshipped the Nordic gods. There is more to FLYKT than merely ambient tones that resonate with atmospheric soundscapes - it also serves as a reminder to us all to embrace our heritage; to bring back what has been lost and to cherish it until the very end."

Forndom - Dauðra Dura  CD 12,00€
- "Let us wander towards the worlds beyond ours. Forndom and multi-instrumentalist L. Swärd returns with the entrancing debut album “Dauðra Dura”. After the very dreamy and successful EP “Flykt” (2015) it’s now time once again to enter the musical world of Forndom, a world where the music sets tone to the old Scandinavian way to live, believe and act. “Dauðra Dura” is in its core a musical interpretation of Death & how it was viewed upon in the old north.  A dark, beautiful and genuine creation which must be experienced. Hear the drums far beyond and enter “Dauðra Dura”, The Doors of Death."

Forndom - Faþir  CD  12,00€
- "The cycle of life and nature is a precious and wondrous thing. We are born. We learn. We live. We die. And after death, another life awaits. When the world succumbs to the cold and dark grasp of winter, the promise of a spring birthing everything anew keeps hope alive. Such is the journey we make, and such is the lifespan of "Faþir". Heaving, pulsating, filled with contrasts. Ardent hostility and fiery revenge, blossoming life and lush fertility, soul-wrenching grief and deep anguish. Such is the path we walk, under the guidance of the deities. The helping hand of a father. The nurturing wisdom in times of need. But, sometimes, a treacherous god who leads us into death and despair - albeit always with an underlying purpose. Such is "Faþir". With eloquence, elegance and emotion, L. Swärd has created another monolith of sublime art to add to Forndom's impeccable discography. This highly awaited follow-up to 2016's "Dauðra Dura" is nothing short of a modern masterpiece, rooted in ancient ways. The expressive vocals and strings soar on top of a foundation of unyielding drums, like spirits dancing in the skies yet connected to the human pulse. Never surrendering the strong connection to our mortal world, there is a deeply sacred dimension to "Faþir". A glimpse of the divine, seen through a lens of devotion and veracity. The joining of death and life, if you will. The thick atmospheres and vast inner landscapes Forndom creates are more prevalent than ever, and from the first trembling string introduction of "Jakten" to the last wistful beat of "Hemkomst", one is transported to another time, another place, and another mindset, leaving behind the calamity, stress and superficiality of the modern world and finding anew the lost wisdom hidden by the veil of years passed. "

Jääportit - Kauan koskematon & Halki lumisen metsän  CD  10,00€
- "Two cult recordings from 1998 / 99 of pure Nordic beauty for the first time on CD! Icy frostbitten portals of the early years are now once again open! Jääportit is a Finnish dark ambient / neoclassical project centered around Tuomas M. Mäkelä and has been active since 1997. ‘Halki lumisen metsän’ material is minimalist alike Mortiis, ranging from deep, cloud-like drones to almost oppressive militaristic percussion and harmonies, while ‘Kauan Koskematon’ is majestic yet mournful, a forever milestone in dungeon synth winter epic tradition of the 1990s’. Calm and tranquil yet bewitching and mesmerizing winter ambient. A 6-panel gloss-laminated Digipak with original images including the front cover by Aslak Tolonen (Nest) limited to 300 copies."

Keratiini #2  taidezine  5,00€
- André Coelho, Kaarna, S.A. Hynninen, Mikko A, Greger Grönholm, Torakka

Kraken Duumvirate - The stars below, the seas above  CD  14,00€
- "Continuing the grimy Finnish doom metal tradition, KRAKEN DUUMVIRATE fathom the unfathomable, where the stars shine beneath the ocean and horrendous tentacles envelop galaxies. With crushing weight their occult craft descends, darkening the heavens and conjuring the waves of the mother sea. Aeons pass while the strange might from afar sweeps this world away. A rugged force filled with unnatural and peculiar energy, “The Stars Below, the Seas Above”‘s despair and inevitability hypnotizes and mesmerizes. With pulverizing riffs, mystical whispers and persistently unshakable arrangements, KRAKEN DUUMVIRATE reach the pulsating voids below and shatter the insignificant minds of the uninitiated. CD housed in an exclusive 4 panel digipack including 8 page booket."

Les Chasseurs De La Nuit - Gleam on you empty gem  CD  12,00€
CD in silver/black printed Digipak and 12p booklet. Humming the hymns of twilight. Cloaked in camouflage on the edge of night. Weaving chants of obscurity. Breathing the fog of reverie. Kim Larsen (Of The wand & The Moon/Vril Jäger/Solanaceae etc.) returns as Mark Liens with his 3rd Les Chasseurs de la Nuit album. Featuring 8 tracks ranging from old school 90s neofolk to feverish dream collages and eerie soundscapes. And a bit of monkey samples

Lönndom - Viddernas tolv kapitel  CD 12,00€
- Proper 4 panel digipak re-issue. 12 tracks of acoustic folk music that witness of great creative force and a wonderful, homogeneous and open-style album of rare beauty. A journey, an honest confession to nature and at the same time an escape from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and modernity. The magic of folk is brought back by isolated and melancholic feelings reminding us our own evocative strength. Visions of thoughtful solitude evoke the melancholy of a lost time, turn back the wheel to forgotten ages. Listening to these songs is like seeing through the eyes of a northern-land wanderer: wide landscapes wearing the autumn colors, snow covered mountains under clear blue sky, endless horizons and feeling the warm hearths of grandfathers families. Dive into "Viddernas tolv kapitel" and experience a profound emotional journey.

Lönndom - Hågkomster från nordliga nejder & Norrskensritual  CD 12,00€
- This is where it all began, some 15 years ago, in an old house on the outskirts of a Northern Swedish inland county. With only simple means at their disposal, the band crafted something musically that would turn out to be something unique and extraordinary. In many aspects LÖNNDOM came up with their own style - blending traditional Swedish folk music and rugged, primitive rock/metal. Originally released as 7” EP, limited to 100 copies, this re-issue includes the EP “Norrskensritual” and comes as a 6 panel digipack with the original artwork, including never before printed photographs.

Proscriptor - The Venus Bellona  CD + poster  10,00€
- "The occultic and atmospheric solo project of Proscriptor McGovern (of ABSU fame) smears an avant-garde style of Pagan music with ‘The Venus Bellona’ – an invigorating and magic(k)al listen to reveal ‘the inner domains of immortality’. Awareness factor: the planet Venus is the sphere closest to the Earth and its longitude is based upon the actual epoch of time. With Venus’ perihelion passage, it is known for a fabulous role as an adulate goddess in Greek mythology. Venus also represents the alchemic(k)al metal of copper, (the fourth “Dalkhu” of fire) whereas “Bellona”, on the other hand, is the Latin term for “war goddess” to complete the bewilderment of the album title. Proscriptor comes to you with ‘The Venus Bellona’ – a collection of deathless fables gathered from a wide variety sources: from his ancestral attributions of Scottish heritage to superstitions and the Dominion folklore of Thoth. Handed down to his shadow from generation to generation, and once told in musky crofters’ cottages and draughty castles, these spellbinding tales of ‘The Venus Bellona’ will thrill and possess followers of all durations. Lightlessness of sound, which is sometimes motionless, is essential in occultic and atmospheric music. Recorded by Proscriptor McGovern in Texas (Autumn Equinox: 1995). First released by Cold Meat Industry’s subsidiary label Cruel Moon International (1995). Re-mastered by Equitant in Texas (Summer Solstice: 2018). Reproduced by Old Captain’s subsidiary label Faust (2018). Limited edition of 300 copies printed in a lavish, full-color glossy 4-panel digipak with an 12-page booklet."

Sonne Hagal - Jordansfrost  CD  12,00€
SONNE HAGAL’s second full-time album once more bestows the listener with a journey into the unknown realms of poetry, mysteries and enthralling melodies. Closely connected to Europa’s folk-music tradition and the Northern mysteries, the band develops song structures that reach from simple traditional arrangements to complex compositions. The songs, performed in German and English, reveal rediscovered poems as well as self-written lyrics. The atmosphere of the songs varies from intimate, quiet parts to fresher, light-hearted and lively sounds up to heavy distorted parts supported by real or electronic drums. Each song unfolds its own universe, interconnected by the central idea of “Jordansfrost”: the constant changing between light and darkness, the seasons or even life and death themselves. A number of well-known international artists supports the band in their intention to create more than just music: a whole philosophy. Amongst others you’ll find: Of The Wand And The Moon (DK), In Gowan Ring (US) Waldteufel (US), Ernte (GER), Lux Interna (US), Darkwood (GER) and Black Sun Productions (CH) The cover artwork uses exclusive paintings by Fabrice/Divine Comedy Records (FR) and underlines the depth and beauty of these 45 minutes of German Darkfolk. Special Digipak comes in three different artworks.

Sonne Hagal - Ockerwasser  CD  12,00€
We are honoured to announce Sonne Hagal's new, long awaited album "OCKERWASSER - A Symphony of Sorrowful songs." There is every indication that OCKERWASSER will be considered Sonne Hagal's masterwork. For six years, after releasing their widely acclaimed album Jordansfrost (2008), Sonne Hagal retreated into themselves, concentrating on realising their visions for that which was to become OCKERWASSER. While there were compilation appearances, a collaboration with FIRE + ICE, and a number of live performances, the majority of their artistic efforts were devoted to OCKERWASSER. OCKERWASSER is the quintessence of what makes music good music. OCKERWASSER is characterised by daedal music compositions, interwoven melodies, and enchanting harmonies. There is a kind of dance between folk, jazz, and experimental music, creating sonic dreamscapes that beckon spirits. Soundscapes that open a wideness inside you to let in (and out!) your dreams, your fears and all the spirits that like to cross the border between consciousness and subconsciousness. OCKERWASSER is founded upon Sonne Hagal's unmistakable acoustic guitar, and is enhanced with violin, trumpet, percussion, bass, and intelligently placed electronics. Rhythms shape-shift between the delicate and doomful, beginning from the first track on the album, "The Shapes of Things to Come," which presents both the Etherworld and the Netherworld, ever reminding us of the ancient, unspoken axiom: "As above, so below." Music, directly from the ether in search for the essence of life. From there you may follow SONNE HAGAL into deeper realms of sleep, into subconsciousness, and "Silence" begets the dreamless fields of "Black Spring," and beyond. With each and every listening, we emerge transfigured from OCKERWASSER as from a journey. The lyrics of OCKERWASSER are simultaneously prophetic, Hermetic, all-encompassing and yet profoundly personal. With Sonne Hagal we are invited to exploring our dreams, our consciousness, our very existence, and the nature of human psyche. OCKERWASSER transforms universes into dreams, dreams into words, words into ideas. For six years Sonne Hagal has worked to create an expression of these ideas, and the results are overwhelming. With OCKERWASSER Sonne Hagal has achieved the finest expression of their artistic voice through their inimitable vocals. It is a collective voice that wrenches beauty and sadness, tragedy and hope, bitterness and strength. This is the voice that is not only a voice but an instrument, a medium, a vehicle. The voice of Sonne Hagal is both singular and collective, and the voices in our head join a choir of the inner self; a choir of the unknown; a choir of lost dreams and new fantasies. On OCKERWASSER, Sonne Hagal has engaged guest appearances from an international array of artists, including such artists as Kim Larsen (Of the Wand and the Moon), Ericah Hagle (Unto Ashes), Leithana (Ordo Equitum Solis), Bo Rande, Matthias Krause (Vurgart). Ultimately, OCKERWASSER is unmistakable Sonne Hagal, rendering their own unique vision of music which transcends any genre. For years we have been longing for a new full-length album by Sonne Hagal; suffice is to say that OCKERWASSER is Sonne Hagal's masterwork that we never allowed ourselves to hope for.

Örnatorpet - Fjällets gyllene slott  CD  12,00€
- "Originally self-released in 2019, “Fjällets Gyllene Slott” by Swedish Dungeon Synth artist Örnatorpet is now available on physical formats for the first time. Presented on limited Digipak CD and coloured Vinyl. With beautiful artwork by talented Skogens Rymd Art this modern dark ambient work by Örnatorpet find it’s perfect completion, musically and visually. A high quality release that invokes the soundtrack of winter, taking the listener on a dreamy nostalgic journey."

Örnatorpet -Vid himinsenda  CD  12,00€
- "ÖRNATORPET's new album ”Vid Himinsenda” works a majestic, mesmerizing spell. Truly, this is a portal to a forgotten realm, an arcane age whisked into the present if only to be witnessed within the mind's eye. Don't blink and miss it… Paradoxically, for music so glacial, ÖRNATORPET works at a feverish pace, and ”Vid Himinsenda” is the artists second album this year. As ever, the magick 'n' mysticism of the mid '90s is invoked once again, recalling long-lost sounds."







digital sales at Bandcamp

All discography available for listening, possibility to buy digital albums.    L I N K




digital sales at Bandcamp

The album available for listening, possibility to buy digital albums.    L I N K



digital sales at Bandcamp

All discography available for listening, possibility to buy digital albums.   L I N K







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Flykt, Dauðra Dura, Faþir

Isavetur, Minningar úr undirheimum, Myrkaverk

Viddernas tolv kapitel, Hågkomster från nordliga nejder & Norrskensritual

Fjällets gyllene slott, Vid himinsenda

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