"Golden Blood" - Somnivore / Circle Of Ouroborus:

A1 - Crosses of iron, crosses of gold
A2 - It is told (A common funeral)
A3 - My blood is melting
A4 - A bard and the serpent

B1 - A storm approaching
B2 - The parade
B3 - A homecoming (Emptiness of an empty nest)
B4 - We come through the sun

Released: Anima Arctica MMVIII
LP + 4-page a4 color booklet, limited 300x
Guitars on "Crosses of iron, crosses of gold" by O-P Saloniemi
A split album

"Clergy of Oneiros" - Somnivore:

I - Somnivore
II - Debate with the Green Fairy
III - Lumi ei enää sula iholleni
IV - Those graves under the Bay of Bothnia
V - Allerleirauh
VI - Ie Aie Yö

Released: Anima Arctica MMVII
CD + 8-page color booklet, limited 1000x

"Getsemane" - no Xivic / Somnivore:

1. Uniesi Nimi [no Xivic]
2. Sakset [Somnivore]
3. Café Muckmoon [Somnivore]

Released: New Old Sentinel MMVI
Digi-CDr + b/w insert, limited 50x
C30 + b/w sleeve, limited 33x
A split album

"Maelström" - Somnivore & Kivelä:

Phases I & II - The Last Strom [Constructed by Somnivore & Kivelä]
Phases III & IV - Solar Wind & Lunar Sand [Constructed by Somnivore]
Phase V - Un [Constructed by Kivelä]
Phase VI [Constructs Itself]

Released: New Old Sentinel MMV
CDr in A5 color sleeve with color insert, limited 100x
A collaboration album

"1818-1991" - Somnivore:

I Sought By Few, Scared By Many
[Karelia, 1818]
II Vuon Alinen I - Hukuin
[Baltimore, 1849]
III Vuon Alinen II - Nekark ja Sulituan toistensa peileinä
[Paris, 1870]
IV Debate With The Green Fairy
[Malromé, 1901]
V Robota
[Prague, 1921]
VI Särjettyjen ikkunoiden yö
[Berlin, 1938]
VII Ie Aie Yö
[Stalingrad, 1942]
VIII A Dialogue Between A Gasmask And The Face Of The Sun
[Baghdad, 1991]

Released: Kaarna productions MMV
CDr in fabric bag with color insert, 1/60 of collage, limited 60x

Other appearances:

2oo7 V/A - We who with music beguile your pilgrimage to the unknown II, track 1 "A dialogue between a gasmask and the face of the sun"

2oo7 Pimentola - Misantropolis, track 10 "Tuoni pauloo tiukoin sitein III remixed by Somnivore"

2oo7 V/A - Russian roulette, side B, track 2 "Four walls, one truth"

2oo6 V/A - We who with music beguile your pilgrimage to the unknown, track 1 "Sought by few, scared by many"