Eucharist of the Cat-Priest

:it was a foggy autumn night
:one night less of full moon
:but she was still glowing bright

:tail of aurora borealis as her dress
:and brother of all men mars
:lurking behind the shoulder of the heavenly mistress

:short walk past the librarys mist-filled field
:over the bridge that some railroad wield
:we took a sudden turn to the resting place of us all
:didn't foresee what magickal act of drama we shall
:witness before our blind human eyes
:in a city of man, which are full of cold lies

:in the gentle shadow of mountain ash
:bronze rabbit was breathing lightly and fast
:but still calmly, knowing the pain wouldn't last

:behind the slowly dissociating bronze-coated figure
:stood a small and proud hill
:carrying gray granite statue of grieving family

:next to him only few feet from us
:a black cat hidden in the shadows
:gazing at us with blaming eyes
:gazing at us with blazing eyes
:but this this ragged figure
:with utmost curiosity
:with utmost intensity

:we turned our backs to walk for a while
:to observe the absolute beds of us and all
:and the pines hummed in moonlight
:and stood above us tall
:as we came back the second act had already begun
:the cat sat proudly in front of the statue
:took a glimpse to us, another to rabbit
:and we beheld the white collar around the cat's neck

:rabbits breathing was almost gone
:noble priest waiting
:and we left, knowing
:that nothing would be left undone

- August - MMIII -

Dedicated to everyone who were involved:

Mars, Moon, The Granite family, Aurora Borealis, Pines, Graveyard, The Young Rabbit, Priest of Cats, Lost Love.